Chikara Shinai Ryu

Before beginning Chikara Shinai Ryu, or any martial art or sporting activity, it is always advisable to have a medical check up for your own protection and peace of mind. This is mandatory for all people over 30 years of age.
A certificate of "Good Health" from your local doctor assures both you and us, that your in pretty good shape to start martial arts.
Chikara Shinai Ryu is a highly effective martial art. In training, every care is taken to ensure complete safety at all times. We always stress non-contact during most of the class, except during formal free-sparring and conditioning training.
For your own protection, a groin guard should be worn at all times, and as you progress through the grades you will be expected to possess other safety equipment such as hand mitts/gloves, shin/instep pads and a mouth guard.

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