Chikara Shinai Ryu

We thank you for looking through our Web pages. By the fact that you are reading these pages is a good sign that you are prepared to take a step closer to leaning an art that will develop your potential to the full.
Chikara Shinai Ryu is both a modern and traditional martial art. The modern aspect is for today's ever changing world where you need fast, direct, effective moves and thought of mind to handle most situations. The traditional aspect is where we work on the strong, basic karate moves to condition your body and mind.
By learning both the modern and traditional sides of martial arts, you will become fitter, stronger and become more confident in yourself to be able to look after yourself and your family in most situations.
Chikara shinai Ryu is not a large martial art which expects the impossible from its students. By being a small martial art school, we can concentrate on the individual student more and emphasize progress at your own pace.
No matter what your age or present level of fitness, Chikara Shinai Ryu can help you achieve your maximum - both physically and mentally.
Chikara Shinai Ryu - Class 2001 at 2001 Demo's
Combined class at the Winmalee Demonstration night, 7-12-2001

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