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Physical Power and the Mind - United as One

C.S.R. The Style

Chikara Shinai Ryu

Chikara Shinai Ryu, founded by Bradley Higgins, 2nd Dan, is mainly a Non Traditional Kung Fu based martial art. Chikara Shinai Ryu combines the flowing movements and philosophies of Kung Fu with the hard, direct power of Karate.

Chikara Shinai Ryu is very much a street wise/street smart martial art. The self defence aspect
of this style is very direct and quite practical for street self defence.

Chikara Shinai Ryu is a member of the Federation of Australian Kung Fu Organisations Limited which is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Coaching Council.

of this style are Government Accredited Instructors and are fully insured. You can be assured that Chikara Shinai Ryu is a Professional Martial Art and not a back yard style. We adhere to the latest coaching methods of teaching and are tested every three years to keep our accreditation.
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