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The Karate Grades listed below are the ranks that can be obtained when you attend or go for a grading and pass.
The starting grade is White Belt. No matter who you are, all beginners are called white belts when they start. You can only go up the grades by successfully passing the grade requirements.

When you reach brown belt you are given the title of Kohai, or Junior Student.

As the list shows below,
all Black Belt ranks have a Title. The rank of Blackbelt, must always be respected and honoured by both students and Blackbelts alike.
To gain the rank of Black Belt, takes a lot of years of hard training, dedication and perseverance. It is often said that when you attain the rank of a Black Belt, that's when your training really begins.
Colour of Belt
WHITE Belt 9th Kyu  
YELLOW Belt 8th Kyu  
ORANGE Belt 7th Kyu  
GREEN Belt 6th Kyu  
BLUE Belt 5th Kyu  
PURPLE Belt 4th Kyu  
BROWN with WHITE STRIPE 3rd Kyu Kohai
FULL BROWN Belt 2nd Kyu Kohai
BROWN with BLACK STRIPE 1st Kyu Kohai
BLACK with WHITE STRIPE Sho Dan Ho Sempai
BLACK with 1 RED BAND 1st Dan Dai-Sempai
BLACK with 2 RED BAND 2nd Dan Sensei
BLACK with 3 RED BAND 3rd Dan Renshi
BLACK with 4 RED BAND 4th Dan Shihan
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