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The rate of your progress is determined by your ability to learn during the lesson and by the amount of practice you do at home.
Your level of ability and competency is measured by a series of coloured belts or ranks. To move from one rank to the next, each student takes part in regular gradings which test competence in technique, self defence, kata and sparring. Your attitude and degree of application in your training also plays a large part.

are held twice a year for the younger students and three times a year for the senior students, 14 years and above.

The time between Kyu gradings (belt levels), is generally three to six months apart, with
six to twelve months apart for brown belts and above.

When you begin, you start as a white belt
. Generally, most students train once a week at the earlier stage of their training and as you go up the ranks, you should try to train at least twice a week.

Gradings are not compulsory!
If you only wish to train and not grade, you can do that. We at Chikara Shinai Ryu are very flexible. We are not a style that forces you to advance up the ranks!
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