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C.S.R. Dojo & Training Rules

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A friendly atmosphere in the Dojo promotes better learning and makes everyone's training more enjoyable. There are rules however, that all students must follow when in the Dojo to keep the atmosphere friendly, and more importantly, to keep all students safe.
The following are some of the basic rules and etiquette that will be observed in our Dojo:

Before stepping onto the training area, bow from the waist at the hall door or entrance to the training area.
  * All footwear and socks to be removed before training commences.
  * NO smoking is permitted in or around the training area of the Dojo, nor in any school premises.
  * NO swearing is permitted in the Dojo!
  * Do not eat or chew gum in the Dojo when training.
  * Jewellery, including watches, rings and ear rings etc., should not be worn during training.
  * Whilst training is in progress give your full attention to the instructor and what you are doing. Do not talk or become involved in joking.
  * During class, always refer to your instructor by his/her title: Sempai, Sensei, Renshi, Shihan.
  * If you are late and the class is already in progress, wait for permission from the instructor before joining the class.
  * If you have any questions, address them to the instructor without disturbing the class. Otherwise save them for question time at the end of the class.
  * A student should always be presentable, with finger nails and toe nails clipped and clean with special attention to basic hygiene and the Gi pressed (ironed).
  * Belts must be folded when there not being worn and must not be worn outside the class, including to and from the Dojo. Gradings and special events excluded.
  * Your Karate Belt is a symbol of your hard work - Don't abuse it. Refer note above.
  * Gi tops are to be folded and not worn outside the Dojo.
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