Martial Arts

Lower Mountains Dojo's
Winmalee / Springwood

(02) 9833 7389
Office Phone - NSW - Australia

Bradley Higgins - 2nd Dan
Web Site:
Government Accredited Instructor

* Effective Street Self Defence

* Self Confidence

* Health & Fitness

* No Joining Fees **

* First Lesson FREE

* No Membership Fees**

** A $10 Annual Public Liabilty Fee to help pay our Public Liablilty Premiums now in **

WINMALEE Public School - Leslie Street - Winmalee



13yrs to Adults

Karate/Self Defence

WINMALEE Public School - Leslie Street - Winmalee



7yrs to 14 yrs*

Karate/Self Defence

*Depending on height and weight of student

School Students $5.00

Adults $7.00

All prices include GST

Open ALL year, including School Holidays, except the Christmas School Break

Chikara Shinai Ryu pronounced Sh-Kara Shin-I Roo

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