Chikara Shinai Ryu
Movie Special 1983-1


Zen Chi Ryu
15th of April, 1983
Woden Shopping Centre, ACT

I started with Zen Chi Ryu back in 1987 at Hombu (Head Dojo) at Kingswood.
My very first Instructor was Shihan Tom Slaven himself.
Shihan Tom Slaven, a 6th Dan, back in 1987, was a very well respected Martial Artist !

In this rare find in my achieves, this 1 Tonne (2040 Pound) Ice Break is a testament to the shear Skill/Strength/Dedication of a Great Martial Artist !

Even though Shihan Tom Slaven past away many years ago now, his Style and Ways still live on in all his Students and in the Martial Art World.

(This Movie is from a very old VHS cassette)

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